Building Strong Leaders

It is a great honour to be given the privilege to be a spiritual leader, to be in a position where people look up to you for guidance and direction. The Body of Christ is looking for leaders who can lead other leaders in the ways of God!
Unfortunately, not all church leaders are spiritual leaders in the true sense. A true spiritual leader must be appointed and set in the office by the Lord, not by people. If a leader is set in by Divine order, he will accomplish God's Divine purposes. But, if he is set in by man, he will only accomplish man's purposes. Here are some basic ingredients of a true spiritual leader:
A. Divine Purposes
A leader must have Divine vision to accomplish the Divine purposes of God. A spiritual leader without a clear vision of what God requires of him is a blind leader. The vision will give him the strength to persevere in the face of hardships and setbacks. He will not give up even in the face of defeat, for he knows that God is able.
B. Passion for God's Work
A spiritual leader must have a passion for what he has been called to do. He must love his work. This will give inspiration to his subordinates to work with him. A leader who hates his work is in a wrong calling. He needs to step down; otherwise, he will never accomplish much.
C. Integrity
A spiritual leader must be a person of integrity; a person who is true to himself, to the Lord and to others; a leader who knows his strengths and his weaknesses. Integrity is a sign of maturity without which spiritual growth is impaired. A leader of integrity will never trim his values or principles to please others. He walks with God through thick and thin. With integrity comes trustworthiness. 

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